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F and S Discounts has several opportunities available.  - WAYS TO EARN MONEY

Get paid daily from the comfort of your own home  The pay rate ranges from $20-$120/hr  Contact 214-699-9513 to get started Must have an Internet connection and telephone to be considered!!!

Work from Home Company is the best way to make money online!!
Make endless $105.00 to your paypal account daily!!

Step 1:
 The first thing you should do is to register with ZNZ ONE.  ZNZ One Pays out an unlimited amount of $20 payments daily for you referring others to try (key word try not buy the offers) In order for you to qualify to get paid  these payments from ZNZ, you have to complete at least one trial offer on ZNZ One.  I suggest the credit 
 offer because it's FREE!
The ZNZ One link you register at: 

Step 2:
 Register with Free Factor. 2 reasons you should register with Free Factor are (1) You can make $35 per referral instead of $20 per referral. (2) If you don't register for Free Factor but your referral or lead registers with Free Factor someone else will make $15 that you could have earn if you registered with Free Factor for FREE. This is the link to Register with Free Factor: 

Step 3:
 You have to complete ZNZ Big Cash *Note* If you don't complete ZNZ Big Cash and you refer someone to ZNZ that does complete ZNZ Big Cash 
you would have lost $75. This is why it is imperative that you complete 
Step 2
 immediately after 
Step 1
. You can opt to sign up for Godaddy website and domain products as a trial so you can get 1.0 credits which will get you qualified to get paid.  On the other hand, ZNZ Big Cash requires 4-6 offers to be completed before you're done but look at it this way. Do you want to make $35 per person or $105 per person??? It's your choice!!!  I prefer doing the following offers: 
Online Readers, Privacy Guard, Great Fun, Profinity, and Disney Movie Club
 for a total of 1.0 credits; 
Make sure you cancel within trial periods to avoid charges,and most offers are free. 
The key is to get paid.  This is the BIG CASH link you register at  

Step 4:
Make money by referring customers to Godaddy.com for all of their website, hosting, and domain needs.  Simply click here: http://x.co/fullers

I do not have any problem holding your hand and walking you through each step 2 get you to start earning money today.
Lakesha Fuller-Sanders
Fuller's Discounts And Money Making Biz


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