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GadgetsFactory.com has an Android tablet PC for everyone. We offer tablets with a near limitless variety of specifications and features, where even the most expensive tablets are still priced lower than the competition! GadgetsFactory.com stocks dual and quad-core powerhouse tablets; industry recognized brands like Ainol, Huawei, and more; and of course we provide free worldwide shipping on every Android tablet PC!

If you are a home owner, contractor, or just interested in LED lighting technology, you’ve come to the right place. GadgetsFactory.com is an LED wholesaler. We offer a great inventory of bright and stylish LED Lights and LED lighting products. Every time one of your old incandescent bulbs burns out (and it will be soon!), it’s a great time to pick up an LED Bulb. If you are looking for something a bit more decorative and fun, GadgetsFactory.com has got you covered. Start with our excellent LED rope lights. These are an exciting and festive option that can be used for any occasion. With a huge variety of styles and colors, these lights are great for parties, festivals, and other events. LED strip lights provide more opportunities for LED enthusiasts. Businesses and home owners can use these to perfectly accent nearly any space. Also, they’re great for behind the TV or in a display case! As LED wholesalers, GadgetsFactory.com will save you time and money!

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