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Home Purchase Coaching
  • Myecon can walk you through every step of the home buying process
  • Creating a budget based on your salary and expenses
  • Finding a home
  • Finding a mortgage lender
  • Reviewing loan paperwork to make sure you are getting the best interest rate possible and to find the hidden fees that cost you thousands at closing and over the term of the loan
Auto Purchase Coaching
  • Our experts know the automobile industry inside and out. We can assist you with the entire process
  • Understanding your vehicle needs
  • Selecting the right vehicle based on what you need, helping to eliminate overspending
  • Putting you in contact with a reputable dealer
  • Assisting you with the acquisition of financing
  • Reviewing loan paperwork to make sure you are getting the best interest rate possible and to find the hidden fees that can cost you thousands of dollars
Budget Programs & Forecasting
  • Our financial coaches and mentors can help you create a budget based on living according to your salary, providing expert recommendations and advice on living within your means, saving money, maximizing your buying power, and putting credit to work for you
“What If” Projections & Credit Factoring
  • With our industry leading software and long experience in the credit industry Myecon can review your credit and work with you to create a plan to maximize the potential of your credit. Our sophisticated software allows us to provide hard numbers on how changes to your credit report affect your scores, so you can make informed decisions about paying down bills, opening lines of credit, consolidating loans, paying off old debt, etc.
Debt Recovery Services
  • Everyone goes through rough financial times, and often dealing with the fallout can be overwhelming. Myecon provides mentoring programs and services to help you rebuild after a financial catastrophe such as loss of job, reduction in wages, career changes, illness, divorce, etc. by helping you decide the proper course of action to take and then providing guidance for you to do it yourself, or assisting you by carrying out the plan for you.
Debt Settlement Coaching
  • We’ll instruct you on the proper methods of doing your own debt settlement to protect you and your family, as well as your credit score
Debt Settlement Negotiations
  • If you’re not comfortable carrying out your own negotiations we can assist you by contacting your creditors for you
Debt Consolidation Coaching
  • We’ll help you decide if consolidation might be a better plan for you than settlement, and help you set up everything you need to get a consolidation loan
Debt Management
  • If settlement or consolidation is not the best options for you, debt management might be. We’ll help you make an informed decision, then help you budget accordingly so your debts get paid down as quickly as possible
Collection Settlement Coaching
  • Once a debt charges off and goes to collections the methods for settling the accounts can be very different from settling them while they’re still with the original creditors. We can give you the inside information you need to protect your credit and save you hundreds or thousands of dollars, not to mention stopping the annoying collection calls
Credit Bureau Standardizing
  • Most people are stunned when they see their biographical information on their credit reports—the multiple aliases, addresses, and employment information, most of which are inaccurate, that build up over the years. They’re also surprised at how different they are rated by the 3 different credit bureaus. We can assist by standardizing the bureaus and helping you with a “normalization of biographical data”. This will make you less vulnerable to identity theft, improper reporting, and scores lower than you deserve due to inaccurate information
Continuing Education Services
  • Myecon can come to your business, social organization, or school to provide seminars on how credit really works, filling in those gaps in financial education that everyone but the financial industry has. Our team of experts will even provide one on one consultations with attendees, giving them personalized advice and coaching
Valued Partner Referral Listings
  • Myecon maintains a database of trusted professionals who provide quality services in many industries. Need a new roof? We can put you in contact with a reputable contractor. Ready to buy a home? We’ll save you money every step of the way with our database of honest real estate brokers, appraisers, and mortgage brokers, etc. Take the worry out of hiring someone when you know that you’re working with a professional that has met the high National Credit Solutions quality and integrity standards
Credit Restoration Services and Coaching
  • Our staff of FCRA Certified Credit Analysts, led by one of the few FCRA Certified Credit Strategists in America has a unique insider understanding of how credit scoring works. Our intimate understanding of the laws and regulations allows us to find the places where your creditors have unfairly reported negative information on your credit report, not only lowering your credit score, but also harming your good name.
  • The research & processing staff will help you find the inaccuracies and incorrectly reported information on your credit report
  • Our analysts will create a plan to address the issues affecting your credit score and help you address the issues
  • The client services department will provide you with feedback and coaching through every step of the program, monitoring your progress and providing education and support
  • Myecon is registered with the Secretary of State in Texas and maintains a $10,000 Surety Bond for the protection of their clients
  • Myecon uses certified mail, no bulk mailings, to hold creditors and credit bureaus accountable for timely responses
  • Myecon doesn’t dispute accurate information on your credit report, a process that can lead to temporary and artificially inflated credit scores. Instead they employ an audit process that holds creditors accountable for accurate credit reporting that follows the guidelines of the laws and regulations put in place by the government to protect consumers
  • Our staff can provide you with the resources and information that you need to stop collection calls and end harassment
  • The MultiPhase™ System used by Myecon.net produces industry leading results, addressing slow pays and late payments, collections, repossessions, foreclosures, liens (paid or unpaid), judgments (satisfied or open), bankruptcy (dismissed or discharged), charge offs (paid or unpaid), identification inaccuracies, etc.

Sometime, people think it cost too much to restore credit.  Think about….the last guy that told me this is too much money to pay. He tried other companies, and ended up back with us after spending $100 a month for 8 months; only to find out little or no work was done.  He decided to give us a try and after 7 months, he ended up with all scores over 700 and 1.5 million business loan.   Ask yourself, how much does bad credit really cost?  You are unable to finance the things that you like.  You are unable to get the best interest rates, so you pay higher fees.  Bad credit is really “too much to live with.”  You will always spend more and save less because of bad credit scores.   Invest in yourself, we will find a budget that works for you.    We know that credit is important and it is important to have. We have all made mistakes and sometimes feel that there is no solution. Here at Myecon we take pride in what we do and have passion for how we help our clients. Below you will read what sets us apart from others. Then you will see questions that you should ask other companies if you are shopping around. Please let me know if you have any additional questions.   1.       We have a one- time retainer (Guaranteed work, or your retainer refunded) 2.       We charge by law negotiated monthly maintenance fees for varying from $20.00 to $99.00, once satisfied then you have 6 months free if needed 3. We have a referral program that anyone that you refer and they sign up we waive your monthly maintenance, your 7th and anyone thereafter we will SEND you a CHECK for $100 4. We serve and educate our clients on credit laws in 49 states (except South Carolina) 5.    We provide more services than credit repair. We provide credit solutions for all of our clients as we do offer a free evaluation and consultation; however, in order to properly evaluate your credit, we need to see a credit report that shows Dates of last Activity and Resource Codes 6.       We have several programs to offer our clients as we see which one fits them better: a.       We will assist you on how to obtain a 700 credit score with our programs  b. Multiphase Program c. We also have a Guaranteed Mortgage, Guaranteed Auto programs 7. We also offer Credit Design, which we assist, our clients in establishing credit for those that don’t have credit 8.       We can offer to pull your credit for you depending on your needs for repairing your credit 9.       We try and get you done as quickly as possible as we know your credit is VERY IMPORTANT to you! 1 When you are researching other credit repair companies ask them these questions below.   1. Do you guarantee your work? 2. What items do you work on? Do you work on all negative accounts? 3. How long will you work on my credit? 4.       Do you assist in adding credit and if so, how will you achieve that?   Thanks,    Lakesha Sanders Consultant   214-699-9513    Website: https://sanderstaxandfinancialservices.myecon.net 

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