Fuller's Discounts and Money Making Biz - CODE OF ETHICS
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Dear customer or business partner:

Fuller’s Discounts and Money Making Biz was established in 2009 to help people with their financial, stress and health problems.  We strive to present our company in the most respectable, kind and honest way.  Fuller’s Discounts was founded with people in mind to help them reach their financial and life goals.  We are an online family business that promotes great health and wealth to our customers and partners.  Our company has a reputation with the (BBB) Better Business Bureau, and (FTC) Federal Trade Commission.  Our code of ethics was established with our shareholders, customers, and business partners in mind.
Fuller’s Discounts & Money Making Biz Code of Ethics
The code of ethics was formed by the CEO, Lakesha Fuller; owner of Fuller’s Discounts and Money Making Biz.  This information can be referenced from our affiliates Primerica Financial Services, (www.primericabusinessopportunity.com), Ardyss International (www.ardysslife.com/letsgetmoney), Stream Energy (www.streamenergy.com), Ebay www.ebay.com, and many other affiliates.  We have formed a special guide to follow in our efforts to uphold our integrity, ethics, pride, and mission.  Our products and services help individuals save and make money online.  This code of ethics is a general detailed description of Fuller’s Discounts and Money Making Biz policies and procedures for our customers and business partners.

Business partners and associates can be affiliated with Fuller’s Discounts and Money Making Biz by joining our network.  There are several affiliate programs to choose from so careful planning is necessary to choose the best fit.  We are affiliated with Zamzuu.com, Whitefence, Coupons.co Primerica Financial Services, Dial my calls, Ardyss International, Stream Energy, Ebay, Amazon, Bid Advertiser, and many other money making, discount affiliate programs.  Each affiliate program details benefits and compensation plans unique in payment perspectives.  When our partners sign up with our affiliate programs there is an unlimited income potential.  Our affiliate database is growing and extending as time progress.
Business ethics
Our company has established a family oriented philosophy and we strive to satisfy our customer and client needs.  Our goal is to satisfy the health, and wealth of our people and we deem to perform our duties in the most courteous, and respectful manner.  We will never intentionally withhold critical information from our business partners or clients.

Business Opportunity
Fuller’s Discounts gives our clients and partners an avenue to generate income from the comfort of their own home.  Our work from home opportunities have been recommended and regulated by the (BBB) Better Business Bureau.  There may be a small investment pertaining to our business opportunity offers. (Better Business Bureau, 2011)  Fuller’s Discounts may opt to invite shareholders to business meetings via internet or offline meetings.

Compensation Plans, Programs and Arrangements
Each compensation plan is spelled out in our program details, and can be found on each website particular to each partner site.  The compensation plans enables each representative to earn an unlimited income potential.  The earning potential is dependent upon each individual’s efforts and accomplishments.  The necessary arrangement of compensation payouts and awards are spelled out in each program package.  Each plan has to be followed carefully based upon the fast track, power start, and income details.
Discounts and offers
Our products and services offer discounted savings to assist our customers with their financial situation.  We understand that people are looking for ways to save money when shopping online for their needs.  For this reason we are affiliated with companies that offer coupons, and money back for online purchases.  This tactic saves our customers time and money when shopping for discounts.  We offer consumer direct products and services that deliver on the promise towards great health and wealth. 

The information obtained in this code of conduct can be amended at any given time deemed necessary by management.  Once you are affiliated with Fuller’s Discounts and Money Making Biz, you are hereby giving Fuller’s Discounts authority and rights to contact you regarding company updates, news, changes, and offers.  Fuller’s Discounts may contact our clients, and business partners via email to deliver our online content.

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