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Welcome to F and S Discounts And Money Making Business aka Fullers Discounts and Money Making Business
F and S Discounts has several opportunities available.  We are experts in the Credit, Legal, Taxes, Insurance, Human Resources, Real-estate, and Financial Services field.  Our offices are located in 52 states including Canada and Puerto Rico. 

Do you have problems paying your bills? Are you concerned about your job? Your career? Are you paid what you are worth? Have you ever thought about owning your own future and controlling your own life? Have you ever wondered how to get out of the rat race? Would you like to join a Company that travels quarterly and offer the best income structure? Our Financial Services firm is expanding and growing and looking for Financial Advisers to become a part of a winning Team. We are located in the North Dallas area and are looking for 100 agents to work on their own schedule. We have part-time and full time positions open for licensed Life and Health Advisers. We train our agents to make an awesome income from home every Tuesday and Friday.

 According to Forbes magazine 2013 Edition, our Company is the highest paying Company in the Financial Services Industry. We are looking for highly ambitious individuals wanting to make an awesome income from home. We travel every 3 months around the world and really enjoy what we do. We teach individual's how money really works, and how to make it grow. Your duties may include light Administrative work such as copying, faxing, printing, emailing, and customer service. Your role will be a Financial Adviser, and you will work with Clients and assist them with their Personal Financial Strategies.

The tools needed to successfully take on this responsibility will be a computer with Internet access and a working telephone. If you are an organized business Entrepreneur or professional and are looking for the right opportunity, then look no further. Our Company is the best Company to work for that offers the best income potential that you will ever find. We train and promote from within our organization so there is plenty of room to grow and move up. We offer benefits, bonuses, perks, unlimited income, vacation, flexibility, freedom, and a stress free opportunity. Contact us today @ 214-699-9513 to schedule an interview and orientation.
Contact Mrs. Sanders @ 214-699-9513 or Mrs. Ford @ 214-356-5565
F and S Discounts also has work from home opportunities to help everyone from the comfort of their own home.   Email us today at sanderstaxandfinancialservices@gmai.com or  www.fullersdiscounts@gmail.com for more information.  Contact us via phone at 214-699-9513. You can also find us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/millionaireat29 or simply type in the keywords "money" and you will view all of our Facebook Pages. Follow us on Twitter @ FullerDiscounts, and Instagram @Bosschk; Hang out with us on Google hangout @ fullersdiscounts@gmail.com Follow us on Google @ Fuller's Discounts And Money Mkg Business

F and S Discounts is your one stop shop to saving and making money online and offline.  Our products and services are tailored to your needs. We offer work from home jobs, business opportunities, credit repair services, tax services, electricity services,  life insurance, loan services, traveling services at a discount. Our health and wellness benefits and services includes weight loss programs, health care insurance, long term care insurance, retirement planning, savings for children and college, debt management solutions and much, much, more. Save money on your lawn care, home repair services, computer repair, cell phones, electronic purchasing, and electricity. Save and receive cash back for your purchases of clothes, shoes, uniforms, school supplies, office supplies, perfumes, and much much more. F and S are affiliated with the bests of brands such as Walmart, Target, Amazon, Best buy, Auto zone, Foot locker and more.  We even have educational products, appliances, nursing uniforms, textbooks, loans and more.  Save time and money when you shop online with F & S Discounts And Money Making Business formerly known as Fuller's Discounts and Money Making Biz. We are experts in the Internet Marketing field and strive to help our customers and business partners to be number one in their Industries.
We offer credit repair services, legal, free cell phone services, weight loss programs, life, home and consumer products and services at a discount.  We have the best rates around.
Affordable medical garments are guaranteed to shrink your body 2-3 dress sizes in only 10 minutes.  Drop 2-3 dress sizes with my garments that are made by doctors, orthopedics, surgeons, and engineers.  Our body wraps helps you get your shape back and get rid of fat in the belly.

Our financial services includes loans, retirement planning, wills, trusts, estate planning, temporary and whole life insurance, and cash value plans. We show our clients how to save money and increase their wealth for their family.

Ask us about our free and reduced governmental services such as: student loan & financial aide, free cell phone services, child care, social security, retirement and survivors qualifications, legal aide, child support modifications, drivers license and surcharge assistance, child custody referrals, prescription & drug discounts and services, ex-pungement of criminal records  upon approval, notary services, 

1. Banking, Financial and Tax Preparation
2. Credit Restoration, Identity Theft, & Credit Monitoring
3. Insurance and Marketing Solutions
4. Body wraps & Fitness Plans
5. Legal, Notarization & Record Ex-pungement
6. Drivers License Suspensions and Surcharges
7. Disability, Social Security, and Retirement Benefit Services
8. Human Resources, Resume, Payroll & Employment Services
9. Real Estate, Apartments, and Condo Contracts
10. Traveling, Hotel & Dining Services
11. Wireless and smart phone service plans
12. Gas Service Plans
13. Business and Marketing Planning
14. Student Loan Debt and Financial Aide services
15. Electricity for your Home or Office
16. Pay day, Short-term, Installment & Credit loans
17. Bank Loans and Grants
18. Home, Roadside Assistance, Auto Repair and Service plans
19. Vehicle Purchasing Programs and Plans
20. Internet Data & Cable Plans
21. Cosmetology & Barber Services
22. Music Production & Theatre
23. Boxing, Karate and Fitness Services
24. Bill Pay Systems

Dining and Cash back rewards over (400 merchant participants) Let us assist you with your needs at a free or reduced cost. We provide professional and convenient services that help you save and make money. Hablamos Espanol! Receive cash via cash app, Wal-Mart to Walmart, Western Union or Money gram for your referrals to our organization. Check out our blogs, testimonials and we work with Fortune 500 Companies that are regulated by the Better Business Bureau. F and S Discounts and Money Making Business formerly known as Fullers Discounts and Money Making Business started in 2009 and have assisted customers and clients on a state wide basis with all of their service and product needs. You can take advantage of our incredible and lucrative business opportunities and become a Business Partner, Agent, Associate, or Broker. We have proven systems set up in place so that you can win, achieve your dreams and change your health and financial future. We focus on your Health and Wealth. We are constantly recruiting Leaders and Managers that are wanting to own their own business and earn unlimited income while they learn the business. We will also network with your current organization or business to deliver upon our professional marketing services to help you grow. Simply inbox us, contact us @ 214-699-9513 or 214-281-7711 or email us @ sanderstaxandfinancialservices@gmail.com for more information. #Bosslady99ofstates
We hope you can find everything you need from Fuller's Discounts and Money Making Biz and we are focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction. We will do everything we can to meet your expectations.

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Our products and services are centered around your health needs, and wants.  We are affiliated with the best companies around.  We focus on your health and wealth, and help everyone make and save money.  Please check out the following websites:
If you have any questions, contact us at 214-699-9513 


Body wraps
Body wraps
lose fat, and get rid of stretched marks
Body Magic.  Drop sizes, reduce waist line, lose weight, use with Le Vive.
 Women Drop 2-3 Dress sizes in 10 minutes!
Men drop 2 belt sizes in less than 10 minutes!
 Men drop 2 belt sizes in minutes!
We have the best preschool and kindergarten program around town. Click the below link:
With a variety of offerings to choose from, we're sure you'll be happy working with us. Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us.
We hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to our website. There's much more to come!
 Reasons to use our health products:
Pampers Baby Dry, Shopping cart
Pampers Baby Dry
Size chart will vary by style. See a detailed size chart. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the size chart. Download Adobe Acrobat Reader Ensure your baby's comfort with Pampers Baby Dry disposable diapers. Extra-flexible tabs expand and contract as your child breathes, digests, and moves throughout the night, allowing baby to sleep undisturbed. Pampers Baby Dry disposable diapers' comfortable contoured fit lets baby move freely while reducing gaps and leaks. Pampers - Baby Dry Diapers: Extra-flexible tabs for comfort UltraAbsorb Core gives these Baby Dry disposable diapers outstanding overnight absorbance Comfortable contoured fit reduces gaps and leaks Elmo from Sesame Street on every diaper Pampers Baby Dry disposable diapers available sizes: Newborn (pack count 124) up to 10 lbs Size 1/2 (pack count 192) up to 15 lbs Size 3 (pack count 174) 16-28 lbs Size 4 (pack count 156) 22-37 lbs Size 5 (pack count 136) 27+ lbs Size 6 (pack count 112) 35+ lbs
Price: $34.95
Size 1-6:
Purchase diapers online from Wal-mart. 

Get paid daily from the comfort of your own home  The pay rate ranges from $20-$120/hr  Contact 214-699-9513 to get started Must have an Internet connection and telephone to be considered!!!

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I do not have any problem holding your hand and walking you through each step 2 get you to start earning money today.
Lakesha Fuller-Sanders
Fullers Discounts And Money Making Biz

If you would like to donate to F And S Discounts, please click on the donations link below:  Proceeds will help us to maintain our quality partners, services and online discounts. 
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